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Tournament Affidavit Tutorial


All local leagues making the decision to enter teams into the 2017 Little League® International Tournament will do so by completing a Tournament Affidavit for each team, and the Tournament Verification forms for all rostered players. This tutorial will guide you through the steps necessary to complete this year’s tournament affidavit.

There are three ways to complete the 2017 Eligibility Affidavits:

(1) Automated tournament eligibility affidavits can be prepared using the League Finder. A step-by-step tutorial has been created to provide the necessary instructions. This resource automatically plots players on league boundary maps and creates a completed, ready-to-print affidavit, which only requires the appropriate signatures.

(2) Tournament Eligibility Affidavit(s) are available through the Little League International Tournament Toolkit. These versions allow you to both fill out the affidavit online and print the completed form, or

(3) Print a blank Eligibility Affidavit and complete it by hand. Note that the baseball affidavit and the softball affidavit are two separate documents.

All leagues participating in tournament play must enroll by June 15. For more information on tournament enrollment, visit the Little League International Tournament Toolkit.

Formatting Your 2017 Tournament Affidavit