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ASAP Plans Can Now Be Submitted Online

ASAP Plans Can Now Be Submitted Online


The Little League® Safety Program has gone digital. For the first time since the creation Little League Baseball and Softball’s A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP), local leagues and districts will be able to submit their plans online and have them reviewed electronically.

Through the Little League® Data Center, any local league or district can choose to upload its 2016 ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) safety plan; and access and update their Facility Survey (ASAP Requirement #8). Email submissions will not be accepted, however, leagues and districts may still mail their safety plans to Little League International.

Once logged into the Little League Data Center, click on the “Safety Plan Submission” tab. The first step is to upload the 2016 Qualified Safety Plan Registration Form (ASAP Requirement #15), either with your league's complete safety plan, or as a separate PDF file.

Select the "browse" button on the screen to search and locate the plan and/or 2016 Qualified Safety Plan Registration Form. Once the file is selected, click the green “paper clip” button to finish uploading your plan.

When a plan has been successfully uploaded to the Data Center, a notification will be provided, and a message will be sent to Little League International verifying your plan has been submitted. To check the plan’s review status, log in to the Data Center, or visit LittleLeague.org.

If a league or district’s plan is not approved because it is missing documents, or adjustments are necessary, additional files can be added through the Data Center by using the same upload method. This submission will send verification to Little League International, and you will be notified when your plan has been approved. Once a league uploads its safety plan, allow for a minimum of two business days for the plan's status to be updated on the ASAP status page.

All documents must be submitted as a PDF, but all leagues are encouraged to maintain an up-to-date version of their safety plans as an editable document (for example, in Microsoft Word). Please note that PDFs are not easily edited. Learn how you can turn your editable document into a PDF.

Questions regarding about the ASAP plan upload process, or the Data Center log-in procedure, are to be directed to Jim Ferguson, Little League Assistant Director of Risk Management and Safety, at: 570-326-1921, ext. 2212; or jferguson@LittleLeague.org. To contact the ASAP Hotline, call: 800-811-7443; or e-mail: asap@musco.com.