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Little League International Welcomes New Volunteer District Administrators to Annual Training Series

Little League International Welcomes New Volunteer District Administrators to Annual Training Series


Communication, transparency and support were consistent themes throughout the third annual New District Administrator (D.A.) Training seminar held over two days at Little League® International in South Williamsport, Pa.

Forty-two first-year volunteer D.A.'s from around the world spent two days (Oct. 11-12) meeting with Little League International staff members and conversing with fellow district volunteers regarding the best ways to efficiently oversee and operate their leagues.

“The D.A. Training Series is a first-hand education opportunity that gives each new District Administrator the knowledge necessary to be efficient in their work,” said Nick Caringi, Senior Director of Operations and Education for Little League International. “The job they have been elected to do is a crucial one for the overall success of the Little League program. Gathering together all new D.A.’s is important to ensure everyone is working toward that goal.”

Among the attendees were several from International regions, including Serbia’s Nikola Vucevic, who traveled 22 hours for the opportunity to experience the training.

“I like the idea of Little League and I came here to learn,” said Mr. Vucevic. “It will be easier to show what the program is now that I can properly explain the rules. After this training, I have a great deal of enthusiasm for Little League.”

The training presentations explained the varied aspects of the program and were highlighted by forums hosted by Stephen D. Keener, Little League’s President and CEO; and Patrick W. Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development.

Presenters introduced and explained a variety of tools and resources available, including the newly-created Chartering and Marketing Tool Kit. Other topics discussed were: the Expectations and Role of District Administrator; Chain of Command; District Structure; Communications and Media; Accounting and Finances; Marketing of Little League; Using the Little League Data Center; District Insurance Coverage; A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP); Child Protection Program; 10 Common Issues with Little League Regulations; Forms, The District Administrator’s Role in League Development and Retention; Softball; Challenger Division; and the Little League Urban Initiative.


Dave Houseknecht, Little League® Baseball and Softball’s Senior Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Advisor, makes a presentation to those attending the third annual New District Administrator Training Series held earlier this month at Little League International in South Williamsport, Pa. Mr. Houseknecht and several other Little League staff members participated in presentations designed to inform and educate these volunteers.

Also offering valued insight were veteran District Administrators Fred Lorentsen (Florida 15) and Paul Flannigan (West Virginia 4). Both men served as panelists and shared their opinions and experience on many of the topics.

“D.A.'s need to be educated on the whole program, along with the best practices for getting the word out to their leagues,” said Mr. Lorentsen, a D.A. for 14 years and a Little League volunteer for nearly 25 years. “Opening the lines of communication throughout a district is very important. Once there is a free flow of information and productive dialogue between league presidents and the district staff, confidence and productivity have been shown to increase greatly.”

Discussed throughout the D.A. Training Series were Little League’s various initiatives that are designed to provide structure, guidance and support for the D.A.s and their staffs. Along with the operational elements, the training series also outlined Little League’s 75th Anniversary celebrations for 2014.

“These two days were about absorbing information and taking it home,” said Mr. Lorentsen. “For many of these volunteers, being here put a personal face to the organization. For the most part, the intent was to give D.A.'s a sense of knowing what to do. That knowledge will click when they get home and meet with their leagues.”

Common threads of the event included techniques for answering specific situations and explaining the general application of the Little League program. The underlying message from Little League to D.A.'s was “You are not alone … We’re here to help.”

“I am grateful for having been invited to Williamsport,” said Steve Bohman, District Administrator of the newly-created Ohio District 6. “I asked a lot of questions of the staff and my fellow D.A.'s. “The information presented will be quite valuable as we restart a district that hasn’t existed for more than 20 years. I have a lot to relay back to my League Presidents.”

Each presentation was streamed live on Little League TV. The complete D.A. Training Series will be available for viewing on the Little League website in the coming weeks. All travel arrangements and expenses for the D.A. Training Series were accommodated by Little League International.