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Why You Should Choose the Little League Program

  1. Each chartered league receives a FREE updated supply of rule books, catalogs, manager/coach education books, umpire instruction books, sample schedules, and operating manual (president’s handbook) every year.

  2. Little League provides every league with free sample material for establishing an efficient Constitution, conducting meetings and operating a democratic organization.

  3. Little League has a playing rules interpretation service, with full-time offices in six U.S. states. We offer experienced counsel and advice on problems, answered promptly.

  4. Training seminars and clinics for league officers, managers/coaches, umpires and other volunteers are held at Regional Headquarters in: Williamsport, PA.; Warner Robins, GA.; Indianapolis, IN.; Waco, TX; San Bernardino, CA.; and Bristol, CT.

  5. One-week umpire schools are held at various Headquarters sites, with intense, expert instruction for this important aspect of any program.

  6. Chartered Little Leagues receive regular mailings of pertinent materials ("Little Leaguer" newsletter, advice on changes to rules and regulations, current events, etc.).

  7. Assistance and visitation by trained local field personnel is available to all leagues, allowing local clinics and seminars to be staged.

  8. All chartered Little Leagues have a voice by democratic procedure in regard to changes in the rules and regulations.

  9. Boundaries of each chartered Little League are protected. "Raiding" by neighboring Little Leagues is not allowed.

  10. Chartered Little Leagues receive low rates and excellent coverage for insurance (Accident, General Liability, Association Directors and Officers Liability, and Crime).

  11. Chartered Little Leagues play under time-tested safety rules and regulations. Mandatory use of the safest equipment possible -- much of it developed through Little League (batting helmet, full-size chest protector, catcher's helmet, non-wood bats, etc.).

  12. Chartered Little Leagues can receive tax exemption assistance from federal and state taxes.

  13. Chartered Little Leagues have an option to take part in the International Tournament, with traveling expenses defrayed beyond the local level. There is major network television coverage, and coverage in all other types of media. No other program does as much for its membership, and the international recognition of Little League is unmatched by any other youth sports organization. Imagine your town’s league playing for the championship of the world on ABC Wide World of Sports! It ONLY happens to towns with a chartered Little League program.

  14. Little League has initiatives to make life better for everyone. We offer a Manager/Coach Education Program, Safety Program (ASAP), Emergency Management Training Program and Challenger Division for mentally and physically disabled youth.

  15. Little League also educates the parents in the best way to make the Little League experience a good one for the entire family through books and videos.

  16. A chartered Little League is a semi-autonomous organization, operated by volunteers from within the community, with the betterment of the community as the goal. As such, it can be operated at a far lower cost to taxpayers.