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Insurance Programs

Accident Insurance

All children who play Little League Baseball and Softball, as well as adults who serve as managers, coaches, umpires, official scorekeepers, Player Agents and Safety Officers must be covered adequately by accident insurance. Action to require all leagues to carry accident insurance was legislated by the Little League Congress in 1957. Leagues may purchase their insurance from any source, but coverage must be at least comparable to that provided by the affordable group plan offered to Little League programs through a member company of AIG Insurance.

An excess provision with a deductible is included in the AIG blanket accident policy that no longer obligates the payment of medical expenses covered by any other insurance compensation. This in no way affects the broad benefits of protection available to all leagues, but it does prevent unwarranted double payments to parents for accident coverage purchased by the local league.

The AIG group accident insurance covers eligible participants while traveling directly, without delay, to and from the field as well as during practice sessions and games. The benefits include provisions for accident, death or dismemberment and also for medical expenses. Coverage also extends to volunteers involved in authorized activities.

Our insurance underwriters agreed, after the 1992 Congress, to insure, under the Little League Group Accident policy, in addition to a maximum of one manager and two coaches at regular season games, all additional coaches at practice as long as they are appointed by a league official or a league designated representative (for emergencies when the President is not available).

It is imperative that all coaches be reviewed and appointed as outlined by Regulation I (b). Please understand it is not acceptable for managers or coaches to go to practice and ask parents to help coach without prior appointment of the league President. Managers and coaches do not have the authority to appoint additional coaches, since this is a President's responsibility (Reg. I (b)).

Remember to institute ASAP (A Safety Awareness Program) in your league. This program, supported by Musco Sports Lighting and AIG, shares the best safety ideas of volunteers, and has been extremely successful.

Leagues that submit a qualified safety program by the announced deadline receive a 15 percent accident insurance credit on the following season's fees. For many leagues, this means a savings of more than $200 annually.

Blanket accident coverage is underwritten by an insurance company, not Little League Baseball, Incorporated.

All claims prior to January 1, 2005 are no longer handled by Little League International. Any questions or correspondence should be directed to:

Carolyn Goins 
The Hartford
P.O. Box 3856
Alpharetta, GA 30023

Phone: (800) 445-9057 Ext. 2309195
Email: Carolyn.Goins@thehartford.com

For all claims AFTER January 1, 2005, PLEASE Contact Little League International with any questions or correspondence at:

Phone: (570) 326-1921 or (570) 327-1674
Fax: (570) 326-9280- Accident Insurance
Fax: (570) 326-2951 - Liability and Crime

General Liability

Any organization which handles other people's children and allows the public to come in as spectators is liable to be taken into court if accidents occur. The classic jeopardy would be an explosion or a stand collapsing and injuring a large number of spectators. If something like this happens, your general liability insurance will guarantee your league protection and the insurance program will defend you against suits even if they are groundless. If the suits are justified, the insurance program will settle and pay all claims up to the maximum limits and provisions of the plan.

The general liability insurance program protects your league, your sponsors, executive officers, directors, managers, coaches, volunteer umpires and other volunteer workers. This is the reason we strongly advocate that your league be protected by general liability insurance. Costly legal action and damage claims could ruin an innocent league and its individual operators, if the protection has been overlooked. Local Leagues hosting tournament games or authorized special games MUST have liability insurance coverage.

Legal Liability

This Directors and Officers Legal Liability policy provides coverage to leagues for all losses which the league or individual volunteer becomes legally obligated to pay for a Wrongful Act. Under this policy a Wrongful Act means any error, misstatement, misleading statement, act, omission, neglect or breach of duty by any league volunteer.

In today's uncertain climate of ever increasing liability claims and threats of law suits, it is wise for the prudent local league management to purchase this special form of liability protection for their officers, directors, players, managers, coaches, umpires and all other league volunteers.

There are numerous potential liability areas which are covered under this policy, such as discrimination, acts beyond granted authority, wrongful dismissal, rejection or suspension of league personnel or players, liable, slander and defamation of character, to name a few.

This coverage provides for legal expenses and settlement damages to a stated maximum. Little League Baseball strongly encourages your league to provide this coverage for the protection of your league's volunteers.

Cyber Liability

The Cyber Liability insurance program can provide individual leagues with protection against the following:

  • Third-party claims arising from a failure of the insured’s network security or a failure to protect data. Insurance also responds to regulatory actions in connection with a security failure, privacy breach or the failure to disclose a security failure or privacy breach.

  • Direct first-party loss mitigation costs of responding to a security failure or privacy breach by paying costs of notifications, public relations, and other services to assist in managing and mitigating a cyber-incident, including forensic investigations, legal consultations and identity monitoring costs for victims of a breach.

The policy is NOT intended to provide any benefits for the third party vendors, such as companies that provide the league with online registration services.


The crime insurance policy available for Little Leagues through a member company of AIG Insurance protects the league against monetary loss caused by dishonesty, disappearance of money, securities or other property, and destruction of money or securities. NOTE: This policy does not protect the league with regard to acts such as vandalism, fire or flood. If desired, the league should purchase a local policy for protection against such events.