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Boundary Map Requirements

All Little League programs are required to submit a league boundary map when chartering for the first time with Little League. The boundary map serves several purposes within the Little League program including maintaining a community environment within the league and maintaining parity during the Little League International Tournament. All players that register in a league must live or attend school within that league’s geographic boundary. The boundary map needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The map must show the enclosed, contiguous boundary of the league outlined on a map. The map may be as simple as a map printed off of the Internet or any other map that shows streets.
  • A written description of the boundary must be included with the map. (e.g The west boundary follows Main St. to 3rd Avenue, The north boundary follows 3rd Avenue to Oak St., etc.)
  • The map must be signed and dated by the local league president
  • The map must be signed and dated by the volunteer district administrator for the league’s district. To find out who the district administrator is for a particular league, contact Little League Headquarters at 570-326-1921.
  • The league name should be included on the map

Once completed, a copy of your boundary map, along with a copy of your league’s constitution should be sent to your regional office as well as Little League Headquarters.

View a Sample Boundary Map