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Tips for District Administrators

District Administrators, this is the time of year when you need to make sure all those forms sent in by your leagues are correctly filled out. Here are a few tips.

Remember, any waiver of a rule or regulation for any reason can only be granted IN WRITING by the Charter Committee in Williamsport. No league has the authority to release a player of any age. Also, no league has the authority to accept any such player without specific written approval of the Charter Committee in Williamsport.

All requests for waivers must be approved by the District Administrator before being forwarded to the Regional Director. All must be properly completed, or they will be returned. Exception: Some forms are sent only as far as the District Administrator.

Regulation II (d) Waiver

If used for the first time, this form applies only to a player who resided in a chartered league's boundaries AND was a member of that same league. The player then, (A) moved out of the league's boundaries; or (B) is now out of the boundaries because of a revision in the boundaries. If so, the player can be claimed on the form.

The player's siblings can be claimed on a II(d) form as well. Both must be named on the form.

If the player breaks service and does not play for a season or more, he or she cannot be claimed.

Regulation IV (h) Waiver

This form applies to the children of a volunteer who was a manager, coach or board member in a league for two consecutive years AND lived within that same league's boundaries during that entire time. If the volunteer moves out of the league's boundaries, or the boundaries are changed and the volunteer no longer lives within the boundaries, AND he or she continues their service to the league without interruption, their children may be claimed on this form.

Interleague Play Request Form

This form is used to allow leagues in which there are not enough players to play a full schedule of games. Normally, four teams are enough to play without needing to request interleague play.

If a league does not feel that it has enough players to field its own Tournament Team, it may request a combination with another league, provided it has played a common schedule of games with teams in that league via an approved Interleague Play Request Form.

Combined Teams Request Form

This form is used by leagues in which there are not enough players to field a team. It can also be used when there are enough players to field one team, but not enough for two.

In either case, two or more leagues could use an approved Combined Teams Request Form to pool their players, and select the teams from among all players in the pool. The leagues could also request permission to allow a combination for Tournament Play.

Special Games Request Form

This form is used when a league or leagues wish to play games that are not part of the regular season, and not used to determine a league champion. For instance, a District Administrator could request a tournament between the first-place teams in each of the leagues within the divisions of a district.

There are specific restrictions on these games. More information can be found on the Special Games Request Form and in Regulation IX.

Other Forms

Other forms are available by calling your Regional Center, such as a form for multiple leagues to request to operate under one board of directors, and a form for requesting to use the Common Pool Draft System by split leagues operating under one board of directors.

Other Waivers

Any waiver for which no form is available must be requested directly from the Charter Committee in Williamsport.

This process starts with a vote by the board(s) of directors at the league(s) involved. The president(s) write the letter of request. All the information is forwarded to the District Administrator, who will make his/her recommendation. It is then forward by the District Administrator to the Regional Director. The league and district will receive a written response from the Regional Director when the Charter Committee's decision is made.

Waiver requests that bypass any of the above steps will only serve to delay the action.