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Election Information

Election Procedures

  1. Report of Election Forms and notice of Election Cards sent to DAs in May; election held at time of Tournament meeting, before June 15
  2. Notice sent to each league at least seven (7) days in advance of meeting date
  3. Current chartered leagues are eligible to nominate candidates and vote
Validity of Election
  1. Majority of leagues must vote.
  2. Majority of leagues voting is necessary to elect a candidate
  3. Current DA should appoint an election chairman
  4. Any authorized league representative may nominate a candidate
  5. Voting may be by ballot or show of hand as determined by majority present
  6. Report of election must be signed by election chairman and each league representative present (one representative for each league)
  7. Two copies of report are made. One to elected DA and one to Little League
  8. Elections are to be completed and mailed by July 15

Election by Mail

When travel makes meeting impractical, or the majority of leagues are not present for the meeting, Little League will conduct the election by mail.

Appointment by Headquarters

When neither of the above procedures result in a league election, Little League International reserves the right to appoint a District Administrator. This is also the case when the unexpired term for a District Administrator must be filled. Headquarters, at its discretion, may conduct an election to fill the unexpired term, or may appoint a successor to fill the balance of the term.