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ASAP Plan Submission Added to Little League® Data Center

ASAP Plan Submission Added to Little League® Data Center

Little League® International has made it easier for leagues and districts to submit the annual A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) plan.

Local leagues and districts will now be able to upload a text document version using the Little League® Data Center.

Any local league or district can choose to upload its 2018 ASAP safety plan; and access and update their Facility Survey (ASAP Requirement No. 8). Beginning with the 2018 season, there is a new requirement (Requirement 15), which asks Leagues and Districts to share an idea or experience that will help educate and inform Little League International and leagues in the United States and around world with helpful, safety-focused practices.

Note that District Staff will have the ability to track ASAP Plan submissions by league through the Little League Data Center.


If local league plans are approved by Monday, April 2, 2018, that District will receive a cash award as result of the ASAP participation incentive. For a local league to receive the credit award, the submission deadline is April 16, 2018.

To submit your 2018 Season ASAP Safety Plan online, log in to the Little League Data Center and choose “Submit/View 2018 Season ASAP Safety Plan.”

ASAP Safety Plans can only be submitted online by League Presidents and League Safety Officers, unless another officer has been given permission by the League President. Officers that do not have this permission will not see this link.

Completing an ASAP Safety Plan online has three primary steps:

1. Upload your completed ASAP Safety Plan document.

2. Confirm that your ASAP Safety Plan meets the 15 ASAP requirements.

3. Sign and Submit your ASAP Safety Plan.

To upload your completed ASAP Safety Plan document follow these instructions:

1. Click on the “Browse” or “Choose File” button on the “Upload Safety Plan” screen.

2. Use the window that appears to find and select your completed ASAP Safety Plan document.

3. Click “Open” or “OK” to upload the document and close the window.

4. Finally, click the large green “Upload Safety Plan and Continue” button on the bottom of the screen to complete the upload step.

Once the completed ASAP Safety Plan document has been uploaded, you will need to confirm the 15 ASAP Requirements. All requirements are mandatory; however, they can be completed in any order. Many of the requirements will ask for a page number in your ASAP Safety Plan document corresponding to a certain topic, while other requirements request confirmation of an activity by your league.

Note that Requirement 14 (Provide Registration Data) will automatically check your league’s registration data before it can be completed. You will not be able to submit your league’s ASAP Safety Plan until registration data for the current season is provided by your league. For leagues using DICK’S Team Sports HQ powered by Blue Sombrero for online registration, that information will be automatically sent to Little League International, helping to fulfill Regulation IV(g) and ASAP Requirement 14.

Once all 15 ASAP requirements are completed, you will be asked to digitally sign (by typing your name) and submit your ASAP Safety Plan forte current year. Your plan will be reviewed within one to two (1-2) business days.

If the ASAP Safety Plan is not accepted, your league will receive an email containing a description of the issues that prevented it from being approved. The ASAP Safety Plan can be amended and resubmitted online, using the same submission process.

Hard copy paper submissions of the 2018 ASAP plan may still be mailed and will be accepted by Little League International, but please note that after the current season, plans must be electronically submitted exclusively online through the Data Center starting with the 2019 season.