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Prohibited List


During the Little League Baseball® World Series, please keep the following information in mind for your safety and enjoyment.

The following list of items will be PROHIBITED on the premises:

• Alcohol or Illegal Drugs
• Large Coolers
• Pets
• Fireworks
• Skateboards
• Bicycles
• Rollerblades
• Scooters
• Noisemakers
(ex: vuvuzelas, thunder sticks, air horns, etc.)
• Tarps, Tents or Canopies
• Flammable materials or Incendiary devices

• Beach Umbrellas
(small umbrellas 42” or less will be permitted)
• Large Bags or Containers
• Solicitation
• Laser Pointers
• Hover Boards
• Drones
• Weapons of any kind
• Pocket Knives or Guns
• Containers with Liquid
(cans, plastic and aerosol containers)
• Aerosol containers


• Smoking and use of smokeless tobacco products are prohibited on the Little League International complex.

• We reserve the right to remove from or deny access to Little League property any item, individual, or group whose actions are deemed inappropriate.

• All items brought to the complex are subject to inspection.

• Personal items are to be removed daily from the complex.

• Security gates open daily at 9AM (time is subject to change)

• Stadiums will open 1 hour prior to game time.

• There will be NO claim check for prohibited items at the entry points.

• All permitted items will be subject to search.


Screening Procedures:

All patrons entering the World Series complex will be required to pass through Metal Detectors.

• Containers of liquid for infants (i.e. baby bottles, formula) will be permitted, but are subject to inspection.

• Sunscreen in its original container will be permitted but is subject to inspection. (Aerosol containers of sunscreen are NOT permitted).

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